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Payment Method

We accept a variety of payment methods.

Western Union(10% discounts you have, because you help me to save visa card handing fee, so we can offer you more discounts by western union)

Western Union

Payment methods we accepted are including western union and bank TT.

We prefer Western Union transfer (very fast)
Please check the website of Western Union to have more information about the money transfer
website link :www.westernunion.com

Our Western Union Address:

First Name : XXXXXXX
Last Name : XXX
Country : XXXXXXX

How to Send Money Online with Western Union

Please contact us at support center to submit a help ticket.

Note: Please email us the following information after you have paid using Western Union
1) The 10 digit control number.
2) Sender's name.
3) The exact amount you send.
4) Sender's address.
5) Your shipping address.

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